Friday, November 25, 2011

Unity Tutorials on Vimeo - TapTap game

Je viens juste récemment de mettre en ligne quelques tutos unity, d'autres devrait suivre périodiquement.

Vous pouvez les regarder ici

Les resources sont dispo ici

Update : Video are available on my youtube channel as well too...

Friday, November 4, 2011

New iPhone Game on Store !

Hi everybody, I recently collabored at the making of Halloween Hunter Game , you can find a first versions release HERE

I take care for this game implementing gameplay mechanics, spawning system and a light Steering system behavior, then just put some place holder for hud / guy system.

the game before get released went to the client team, where it seem have made quite a bit of change to it , as overall behavior do not really act like I let it.....

anyway I made couple of video showing you what it look like...
a full Unity made game

all Graphics are made by my good friends and team mate sama.van

here the videos :