Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3D paint easy with 3D coat !

Hey , if you don't know this soft , I encourage you to give it a try !!
3D coat is a kind of texturing and sculpt tool for 3D model. You can paint your color, bump, normal map and lot more directly on the mesh.
The great things is that it use layer the same way as photoshop do ( you can also import/export to photoshop if you need ).
Each layer contains bump, specular and color map.
Well there is a lot of cool feature , so many than I can't talk about all.
Go to the website and get the trial !! >> click here ! <<

I did this head in about 2 hours , while learning to use paint tool in 3D coat, teh learning path is really easy !

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cooper the clock character ^^

Hi everybody, took a bit time to update with something ^^.
This is a recent character I 've finished to work on , all done in XSI, include mental ray render using toon Shader.