Sunday, November 15, 2009

iShuriken in progress, iPhone game project

Hi Fellow reader ^^,
I am working on a personal project right now for a iPhone Game , with my friend Samvan who is doing all the graphic parts, as we are both japanese resident for now , we thought that make a game in a old medieval japan theme should be fun , so we do ;)
Right now everything progress well , we do at our pace and try to fix issue as they come as we can, I became coder for the purpose of the game ( sound scary I know ..^^).
Anyway things doing well for now , last test on iphone give us without optimization for now good sign so we hope end up with a fun little game for all of fan of "Tine Crisis" type game , which is the type of game play we go for that game ( oops just realize that I almost forgot about that )

Stay tuned...

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